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Keep them in a cool, dry, very dark spot. Potatoes go green when exposed to light. It's not only sunlight that is harmful; all lighting does the same thing. The green is not only on the skin. The flesh insidee also gets discoloured. Although only poisonous when consumed in large amounts, the potatoes won't taste good. If you want to keep them for an extended period of time then store them in the fridge to stop them sprouting, as warmth is their trigger to shoot. Between 4°C and 15°C is ideal for lengthy storage.


Professional farmers hydro-cool carrots within hours of harvest. Keep your carrots in a plastic bag in the bottom of your refrigerator. To prolong their life and keep them firm and crispy, make sure that you restrict the air flow around the carrots. Air and heat are the enemies. We only sell carrots with the tops cut off. When you leave the tops on the carrots you have the leaves still trying to draw moisture and sustenance from the root - i.e. the carrot. This is inclined to reduce their keeping quality and nutritional value.


The 'quick-cooling' principle is much the same as for carrots; keep your celery in the refrigerator and keep the air away from it. Cutting the leaves off the top also helps as these 'transpire' the moisture and celery is 95% water. A reasonably airtight container is good and green vegie storage bags also work a treat.


Refrigeration is essential. Keep broccoli in the bottom of your fridge. We cool it super fast on the farm, and pack it in ice to travel, to ensure its freshness. As with carrots it's a good idea to restrict the air flow around the broccoli. As it's basically a flower it even helps to pop the stem into a small container of water.

Sweet Corn

Store your sweet corn in it's husk in the refrigerator. Ideally it should be cooled immediately after harvest and consumed within a couple of days. The period of peak freshness for sweet corn is measured in hours not days. The best corn is simply the freshest corn, so don't try to store it for long periods of time.

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