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Glen Rock State Forest Camping

Location: East Haldon Road Glen Rock

To book a campsite please phone 13 74 68 or click this link or this link



Glen Rock State Forest is situated at the head of Tenthill Valley and adjoins the World Heritage-listed Main Range National Park. The park, thought to be named after a prominent volcanic rock outcrop, was purchased by the State Government in 1996. It was declared state forest in 2011, providing open space to the public of South East Queensland for a range of recreational purposes, including walking, camping and horse riding.

Glen Rock State Forest preserves a diverse range of landforms, vegetation communities and wildlife. It stretches from the fertile flats of the Blackfellow, Shady, Flaggy and Black Duck creeks to the rugged gorges, ridges and high plateau country of the Great Dividing and Mistake ranges and borders Main Range National Park to the south. Vulnerable wildlife species such as the brush-tailed rock-wallaby (pictured), powerful owl and glossy black-cockatoo inhabit the area.

An open, flat grassy area close to the Backfellow Creek is provided for camping in Glen Rock State Forest. Camping permits are required and fees apply. A camping tag with your booking number must be displayed at your camp site.

Glen Rock State Forest Camping

East Haldon Road Glen Rock