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Mormor Food

Location: 146 Gierkes Road, Iredale
Phone: 0416932408

Vaxtkraft is a premium herb and vegetable stock concentrate made from 100% fresh and natural Australian produce. We work directly with local farmers to source fresh ingredients directly from the Lockyer Valley.

Vaxtkraft does not contain any added sugars, fats, fillers or extracts.

We roast Australian sunflower seeds and Australian heirloom pumpkin seeds with olive oil and Vaxtkraft to create a delicious and nutritious snack. Our roasted seeds can be sprinkled on top of sandwich fillings, soups and salads to add flavour and nutrients to your food.

Making stock from scratch is time intensive and we often reach for commercial stock to help us make meals in a hurry. Eating whole foods doesn't need to be time consuming and using Vaxtkraft as your preferred stock will ensure you are starting your recipe in a nutritious and natural way.

Vaxtkraft premium herb and vegetable stock is available in a range of versatile flavours including parsley, coriander and lemon thyme. Each stock naturally enhances the flavour of your food.

Try Vaxtkraft parsley stock concentrate in soups, savoury muffins, pasta sauces and risottos; Vaxtkraft coriander stock concentrate in curries; and rub Vaxtkraft lemon thyme stock concentrate on roast meat and seafood.

Vaxtkraft is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and consumers who follow gluten free, dairy free, low sodium or paleo diets. Our amazing products can be purchased at the Lake Apex Visitor Information Centre, in Gatton.



We make Vaxtkraft, a premium Australian vegetable stock concentrate available in parsley, coriander & lemon thyme. We also roast Australian sunflower & pumpkin seeds with Vaxtkraft to create a delicious snack or sprinkle.

Mormor Food

146 Gierkes Road, Iredale 4344