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The Lockyer Valley is one of the “Top Ten Most Fertile Farming Areas in the World” with wonderful dark alluvial soil, good quality water and an ideal climate for agricultural innovation.Grown in the Lockyer - Produce image

Often referred to as “Australia's salad bowl” the area grows the most diverse commercial range of vegetables and fruit of any area in Australia.  Our produce is sent to vegetable markets in all major Australian cities, with over $250 million dollars worth of product sold each year. Chances are wherever you live in Australia, you have selected and purchased top quality Lockyer Valley vegetables from your own local grocery store.

The most commonly grown crops are carrots, potatoes, the brassica vegetables (e.g. cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower), pumpkins, corns and beans. These are just some of the vegetables which are shipped out to markets all over Australia and overseas. Exotic vegetables such as okra, snake beans, baby fennel, figs and broccolini are highly sought after by keen cooks. While driving through the Lockyer Valley, it is highly likely that you will see farms and crops where these vegetables are grown. You may even purchase vegetables from a road side stall or select them fresh from the market!

The scale of innovative agriculture can be seen in some of the large family owned enterprises.  Mulgowie Farming Company supplies high quality green beans and sweet corn, which outshone multinationals to be named Woolworths Supplier of the Year in 2002.  Our machinery manufacturing and sales sector is second to none with some businesses the largest of their kind in the country.  David Evans Group, for example, are a leading supplier of small crop and haymaking machinery.

Bauer's Organic Farms are Queensland's largest producer of certified organic vegetables. Owned and run by the Bauer family, you may already be familiar with Rob Bauer's friendly bearded face from well known Australian cookbooks and organic focused publications. Bauer's Organic produce can often be sampled at the Staging Post Cafe, Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre, in some of their delicious meals.

The average mean maximum temperature for Gatton ranges from 20.7°C in July to 31.6°C in January. The mean minimum temperature ranges from 6.2°C in July to 19.3°C in both January and February. January is typically the wettest month.

The Lockyer Valley is home to so much more than farming and agriculture, it's home to a blend of town and country living with everything from top class restaurants and art galleries to hot-air ballooning, bird watching, horse riding, stunning national parks and bushwalking, all within easy reach. Located less than an hour from Brisbane, the Lockyer Valley is the perfect place for a day trip, weekend or family holiday.



Visitor Centre

Lake Apex Visitor Information 
Centre (Gatton)

Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre
34 Lake Apex Drive
Gatton 4343

Phone: +61 7 5466 3426

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday
8.30am - 5.00pm
Saturday and Sunday
8.30am - 3.00pm

Public holiday- trading hours may vary

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