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Halfway between Gatton and Helidon lies Grantham, a village surrounded by rich farming land. The town became a household name in the 2011 flood event.


Nestled halfway between Gatton and Helidon, you'll stumble upon the charming village of Grantham, cocooned by fertile farmlands. This town is the proud home of one of Australia's top beef producers, renowned for exporting prime beef to global markets. In 2011, Grantham faced the wrath of a significant flood event in January, gaining widespread attention in the media. Responding with resilience, the Lockyer Valley Regional Council introduced an innovative voluntary land swap program for affected residents. Today, the new estate atop the hill stands as a beautifully landscaped haven, embracing both new and longtime residents. Don't miss a visit to the general store and Floating Cafe, where you'll be greeted with warm smiles from the friendly locals. You can also explore the newly restored Butter Factory and stock up on fresh, local produce at the fruit and vegetable market store, as well as the charming roadside farm stalls. For a hands-on farm adventure, make your way to Awassi Cheesary. Here, you can learn the art of sheep milking and cheese-making, witnessing the entire cheese-making process from paddock to the milking parlor to the cheesery, all under the watchful eye of the Cheese Maker. Grantham is now home to a cutting-edge backpacker and farm worker accommodation complex, spread across 75 acres. Upon completion, it will cater to over 450 workers, offering cooking facilities, recreational areas, shuttle bus access, and a strong eco-friendly ethos. This innovative complex, the first of its kind in the country, will serve as a high-quality, safe, and compliant haven for the region's seasonal workers. It's a place where you can expect a warm welcome and memorable experiences!

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