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Just 60 minutes from downtown Brisbane, Laidley greets visitors with good old-fashioned hospitality amidst rich farmlands and magnificent scenery.


Just a quick hour's drive from the bustling heart of Brisbane, Laidley extends a warm welcome, enveloping you in its old-fashioned charm set against the backdrop of lush farmlands and awe-inspiring landscapes. As the second-largest town in the Lockyer Valley, it's a treasure trove of experiences. To truly immerse yourself in the region's beauty, embark on a leisurely drive through Laidley Valley via Mulgowie Road or Laidley Creek Road. Pause along the way and soak in the kaleidoscope of colours that paint the valley from the Cunningham and Schultz lookouts. For a tranquil escape, unwind by the serene shores of Lake Dyer (Bill Gunn Dam) or relish a leisurely picnic in Lions Park, with the Narda Lagoon providing a scenic backdrop from the charming suspension bridge. As you wander through the town's historic streetscape, you'll discover delightful shopping opportunities. Whether you're exploring the unique crafted gifts at Potato Studio or browsing the diverse offerings in the newsagency, shoe store, and op shops, you're sure to find something that brings a smile to your face. And, of course, don't miss the chance to indulge in delectable treats at one of the town's cosy bakeries, cafes, or patisserie. For a taste of history, venture into the Das Neumann Haus and consider taking a guided tour to fully embrace the captivating Laidley Pioneer Village. If you time your visit right, you can join in the fun at the annual Laidley Spring Festival, a three-day celebration in September that's a testament to the town's vibrant community spirit. And if you find yourself there in October, be sure to bask in the beauty of the jacaranda blossoms gracing the town center and the recreational reserve, adding even more charm to this delightful destination.

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