Celebrate locals with Australia Day in the Lockyer Valley. 

Join us as the Lockyer Valley Regional Council acknowledges and celebrates the exceptional individuals and groups across the Lockyer Valley who have enriched our local community through their significant contributions.

Indulge in a morning tea inspired by bush tukka, provided by Native Oz Bushfoods.

Talented local musicians, Rheanna Leschke will serenade you with live entertainment throughout the morning, with the National Anthem to be performed by Rebecca Lee Nye. 

You are invited to unleash your creativity during morning tea with Hogarth Arts hosting a "paint your own boomerang" session.

This event is entirely free, so come and join us to celebrate and show support for your nominated friends, family, and Neighbours.

Gerrard Gosens - Australia Day Ambassador. 

Gerrard Gosens is a vision-impaired adventurer, three-time Paralympian, project manager, chocolatier, small business owner, sports coach, and motivational speaker.


2024-01-26 09:00:00
2024-01-26 12:00:00


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