Forest Hill

Forest Hill

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Home to two historic corner pubs, a trip to Forest Hill easily converts half a day to exploring, shopping, eating and drinking a few beers.


Nestled between Laidley and Gatton, you'll discover the hidden gem of Forest Hill, a town bursting with charm. Just a skip and a hop, six kilometers south of the Warrego Highway, this delightful haven exudes a boutique ambiance with its quaint gift shops and beautifully restored buildings. Once a part of a vast rural 'run', Forest Hill underwent a transformation in the 1880s, evolving from open land into small farms. By the early 1900s, it outshone its older counterparts, Gatton and Laidley, by producing more agricultural goods. In fact, Forest Hill claimed the title of Australia's largest produce distribution center in the early 1900s. With two welcoming corner pubs, a short jaunt to Forest Hill can easily turn half a day into a delightful escapade filled with exploration, shopping, delectable dining, and a couple of frosty brews. Don't miss a visit to the privately owned Forest Hill Post Office, where you'll unearth a trove of gifts, artwork, and a cafe and restaurant renowned among the locals. Right next door, you'll find Caffe Sorella, housed in a beautifully transformed old grocery store. For history enthusiasts, Forest Hill proudly sits on the Cobb and Co Tourist route, making it a must-visit for those intrigued by the past. As an alternative to the hustle and bustle of the highway, consider the more leisurely and scenic route from Ipswich to Forest Hill via Rosewood and Laidley. You're in for a charming and unforgettable experience!

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Forest Hill, QLD, 4342