Pohlmans Nursery

Gatton Retail

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Open Hours: 8.30am - 5pm

Pohlmans is the largest wholesale nursery on the eastern sea board. Tour the entire 82 acre site. Purchase some of the wonders of nature or browse through the factory outlet and take home something special.


Nestled amongst the gum trees just outside Gatton in the heart of the Lockyer Valley is Pohlman's Nursery.

Established in 1976 by John & Val Pohlman, the 120 acre nursery is renowned for growing quality plants and is rated amoungst the finest in the country.

The seedling punnets you see everyday in most chain stores, retail nurseries and garden centres all over Queensland and Northern NSW have most probably been grown by Pohlmans Nursery.

Also grown is a wide range of potted colour, indoor plants, vegetables & herbs, trees & shrubs and a wide range of speciality products.

Hop aboard the Gum Tree Valley Express with your tour group: Monday to Friday (bookings essential)








Map & Directions

171 Redbank Road, Gatton QLD 4343, Australia

Phone 07 5462 0444